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I want to share my story so you can understand more about my WHY.

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Personal Biography

Victor De Las Casas is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and has been in the real estate management, operations, development, and prop-teach management industries for 10 years. 

As Chief Growth Officer at AI Lean and Co-Founder, he is known as the "prop-tech-preneur”, combining his diverse real estate experience with high-end luxury developments and a proven track record in tech startups to bridge the two worlds and optimize scalable efficiencies through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation. Mr. Casas played a pivotal role in over $100 million+ of urban real estate projects, working with CDCs in the state of Massachusetts tasked with creating affordable housing developments. 

This experience was also used to lead the growth of respectively holds degrees in Economics and Entrepreneurship from Wheaton College and Babson College, a master's degree from Boston University, and is currently working on a doctorate in Financing and 3D Development with a focus on Innovations and Scalability from Liberty University. 

Victor Alfonso Martinez brings his stirring narrative to every engagement, infusing each occasion with his fervent and inspiring aura. He captivates audiences of all scales, from corporate gatherings where he addresses hundreds of industry leaders or thousands of zealous salespeople, to more personal assemblies with a hand-picked group of esteemed clientele.

Victor's magnetism transcends mere spoken words, radiating a potent energy that sparks motivation and fosters a mindset of relentless perseverance. He embodies the spirit of triumph over adversity, embodying a beacon of hope and resilience that resonates with every listener. In every conversation, in every speech, Victor plants seeds of transformation, sparking a journey of personal and professional growth within each individual.

Be it a large-scale conference or an intimate group meeting, Victor's story of triumph, his vivacious energy, and his knack for insightful communication make every interaction a memorable and transformative experience.