Home Staging

If you are looking to sell your home, you already know that listing it isn't enough. You will want to field multiple offers and get top dollar for your house. This is where staging comes in. 

Staging your home helps to capture the beauty of every area of your living spaces and allows for the potential buyer(s) to imagine themselves in your home. A well-staged home creates demand and positive imagery.

The BEST PART is staging is included FREE if you LIST WITH ME!

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Interior Design

Once you own your home, you want it to be your oasis and where you can maximize each room to your personal needs and decor style. 

My team of interior designers can help guide you toward your dream design. They can also help you realize the potential of each individual space. 

Try our LIVE BY DESIGN experience to turn your house into a HOME! 

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Property Management

If you are looking at an investment opportunity or already own property, my team can help you manage the daily, weekly, monthly, and other tasks that need to be done so your home's upkeep is in top shape. Most importantly, with partners like E Property Care, we customize cost-saving measures for your portfolio. 

Furthermore, who wants to receive a text, call, or email on a weekend or late-night about an imperative need in one of your tenants' homes? Our team can take that load off your shoulders and effectively & efficiently handle your property's physical needs.

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Development Projects

With tons of new properties going up and land up for sale, you want to get in early to build up your wealth. 

I can help you find development projects and work toward making your money work for you. 

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Residential Loans

I have an excellent network of residential loan officers and brokers that are ready to serve you with top-notch service. Loan officers love to keep good relationships with high-producing realtors. You will be treated with the utmost respect and serviced above standards.

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Credit Repair

Sometimes the timing is not right to purchase a home or make a downpayment. I understand that life happens and other things take precedence from time to time.

My team of credit repair specialists is here to help you get on the right path toward repairing your credit and purchasing your home. 

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Solar Projects

Renewable energy for your home is not only financially beneficial for you; it is also easy on the environment. Homes also tend to sell faster with solar panels already installed. This is a win-win situation for you and I am ready to show you many more benefits to solar panels for your home.

Let's talk about your options and how we can utilize government grants to offset your installation costs!

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